Malaga and Costa del Sol Car Hire Insurance

All tariffs offered in this web site (Low Cost and Premium) include a fully comprehensive car rental insurance in the price, including Collition Damage Waiver (CDW), Personal Accident insurance (PAI) and Theft Protection (TP).

See below to read more and compare the EXACT COVERAGES of each of the two options before confirming your car rental reservation! The differences are significant, specially in case of damage, break down, puncture or accident!

Basic tariff

The Basic Insurance does not cover the following: Flat tires, damage to third parties due to negligence or reckless driving, damage caused to the vehicle due to negligence or reckless driving, inadequate refuelling, damage to tires and wheels, loss or damage of car keys or remote locks, damage to the lock, upholstery and rear shelf, damage or loss of the child seats or booster seats, damage or loss of ariels, car jack, security triangles, wiper-blades and deposit cap, damage to the engine due to negligence, damage to the vehicle's underside (housing, bodywork, etc.), misuse of the clutch, theft of the vehicle with keys in the starter, driving under the effects of the alcohol, damages to windshields and Windows, rear-view and side mirrors.

With RentMalaga, you can avoid surprises and unnecessary expenses. Cover yourself always from the most common negligence thanks to our Premium Insurance.

If you have booked with Basic Insurance. You can change to Premium Insurance when you pick up the car at our office.

7 euros/day, minimum 25€, maximum 91€ for groups A-B-C-D (all taxes included).
8 euros/day, minimum 30€, maximum 105€ for groups D1-E-E1-F-FX-F1-G1-J-JM (all taxes included).
10 euros/day, minimum 38€, maximum 133€ for groups H-K-L-L1-M-N (all taxes included).

All customers who do not purchase Premium Insurance will be required to leave a deposit from 300 Euros to 600 Euros. This amount will be retained from the customer's credit card and only deducted if damage occurs.
The Premium Insurance will not cover for any other type of negligence.


The following is NOT included in any of our Malaga car rental insurance coverages:

- Circulation on non regular (non signed) roads such as Andalucia mountain tracks (carril).

- Unauthorized use of the vehicle.

- Driving the rental car under the influence of alcohol (or other non legal substances).

- Damages to cluch due to improper use of it - such as driving with the foot on the cluch during.

- Traffic fines (including parking fines).

- Damages caused by improper use of the vehicle (comercial use, transport of heavy objects, removals an so on).

- Fuelling error.